Gear Manufacturing

Kurt Gear provides a total solutions approach to specialized gear technology, allowing us to serve the particular needs of commercial aircraft and defense industries with our gear manufacturing technology.  Our gear cutting capabilities range from high volume production to one-piece prototypes.  Because Kurt Gear offers a full range of CNC precision machining services, CNC turning, gear hobbing, shaping, gear, and worm gear machines, we offer the most precise and reliable methods for the production of close tolerance parts. Kurt’s expertise in the manufacturing of gears including grinding, milling, and heat treating, to ensure that our high precision gearing products keeps our customers competitive in the aerospace industry.

Kurt Gear uses measurement systems that include the Zeiss ZMC 550, which assures gear checking accuracy to 0.000004”. Our quality programs ensure that we continue to be quality certified by the U.S. Government to MIL-Q-9858 or MIL-I-45208 and by individual customers in industries requiring close tolerance work, traceability and lot control responsibility.

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