Kurt Gage System Solutions

Kurt Engineered Systems provides complete gage system solutions for precise measuring within incredibly tight tolerances. Kurt custom gage systems can be customized for nearly any measurement needs, including full turnkey systems. Our custom gage systems have incorporated such features as automated part size changeover to measure multiple sizes, closed loop feedback to machines or other devices, material handling of part flow, robotic (FANUC) integration, measurement resolutions of less than a micron, part sorting and grading, high speed cycle times reaching as low as 3 seconds per part on a single gage station and many other capabilities.

View the Kurt Engineered System custom gage solutions at our custom gage examples page. Some of the custom gage systems Kurt has developed include:

  • Custom axle gage
  • Custom crankshaft gage
  • Custom engine gage
  • Custom piston gage
  • Can gage for measuring can wall thickness
  • Truck hub gage
  • Parking pawl gage
  • Many more custom gage system solutions

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