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We’re on a Mission:
We aim to be the world’s foremost manufacturer of innovative metal components and products that have the power to enhance and elevate lives with unsurpassed precision and quality.

Kurt by the Numbers

The experience to lead the way.

70 Years Experience
100% Employee Owned
500+ American Workers

Kurt: Innovators and leaders for over 70 years

Kurt Manufacturing is a global leader in precision, engineered metal components and products manufacturing. Utilizing the newest manufacturing technology to produce CNC-machined parts and assemblies, aluminum die castings and aluminum impact extrusions, Kurt offers robust solutions for many industries including commercial aerospace, semiconductor, defense, energy and healthcare.

Based in Minnesota, Kurt offers world-class products including the legendary Kurt vise, Kurt Hydraulics fittings and hoses, Kurt Gaging and custom engineered workholding and Kurt Kinetic Bike trainers.

Kurt Manufacturing Automation

Kurt Manufacturing can streamline your job with advanced robotic technology on multi-axis CNC workstations.