Top-quality deliverables, diverse capabilities and experience set us apart

Founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1946, Kurt Manufacturing helps businesses succeed through best-quality contract machining, aluminum die casting, screw machining, and by offering product solutions.  Kurt’s Workholding Solutions, Kurt Kinetic Bike Trainer, and Kurt Hydraulic Products are perfect examples of our engineering and experience coming together in best-in-class product offerings.

100% Employee owned and operating over 500,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities, Kurt is a bright beacon in manufacturing. With over 500 non-unionized workers and strong financial standing, We're positioned to be a leading employer for years to come.

Kurt Manufacturing's Mission

Kurt’s mission is to perform beyond expectations so that our customers are continually loyal, our employees are rewarded with expanded opportunities, the corporation is strengthened by profitable growth and our goal of leadership is achieved.

We strive to provide only the best products and service to the customer. Our business grew as this philosophy became rooted into our culture. Our production staff and management alike made decisions based on customer satisfaction and quality. When a call from a customer in need arrived, it became our top priority. We began traveling to our customers, without hesitation, to assist in solving problems and improving the products. We adopted new technology allowing us to consistently produce the best product. We developed unique processes and procedures to meet the specific needs of our many customers. Our customers knew that assistance of any kind was only a call away. This philosophy continues to be the heart of our organization today. If you are simply looking for a supplier then look anywhere. If you are looking for a reliable partner whose goal is your satisfaction and success, then choose Kurt Mfg Company.

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