Kurt Workholding Adds a New FMS Line to its Facility

What would you say to 30% improvements in cycle times, zero setup time on 28 different parts, and better tool management? Yes! Sign me up! We’re excited to share that Kurt Workholding is in the process of realizing these production gains now with a new flexible manufacturing system (FMS).

Kurt Workholding is installing a new FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) that includes a Mazak HCN-6000 Horizontal Machine and a Palletech System with a 28-station pallet pool. “The FMS allows us to machine any one of 28 different parts at any time,” said Jeff Lenz, Executive Vice President, Proprietary Products, Kurt Manufacturing. “With the FMS, we can also run small quantities or add additional support to our high-volume production parts. This provides us with more options to support demand for any of our product lines such as our Kurt Tool Room Vise KTR35PF 5-axis vises and RV Robotic Grippers.

There are additional production and quality improvements with this new setup. We have expanded tooling capacity over our stand-alone horizontal machining centers—80 tools versus 340 tools—and new technology with probing and automated electronic tool identification. The electronic tool ID capability eliminates manually entering tool information and the input errors that can occur.  

Improvements in processing power with the new Mazak machine will have the potential to cut cycle times by as much as 30%. The Palletech line also offers the possibility to add more machining centers as needs expand, and the 28-pallet pool supports more lights-out capability. 

“This is a win-win for us and our customers,” said Jeff Lenz. “With the addition of this new FMS, we realize greater output on a wider variety of parts, and for our customers, we’ll have better on-hand inventory for our lower-volume vise and workholding products.”